Difficulties wearing reading glasses

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Difficulties wearing reading glasses

Postby Maggie » Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:32 pm

When I wear my prescription eye glasses, I get enhanced eye discomfort. I feel a strain, and after a while it becomes so unbearably uncomfortable (even painful) that I can't wear my eye glasses. my prescription is quite minor: -1.5 in both eyes my glasses have been checked and are made properly and I soft nosepads. my eyes become more dry with burning stinging sensation. I've had this problem with two different pairs of plastic glasses (no metal) and I can’t wear contacts they are to uncomfortable.

I try holding up my glasses with my fingers so there was no pressure on my nose, I have to do this at work otherwise I wouldn’t able to work, it seems that there is indeed less (but still some) strain/discomfort when there is no weight on my nose. My glasses are light in weight; I'm still a bit concerned though since this problem seems highly unusual/rare. I wonder if the dryness is the root cause or if moist eyes would just mask the problem? I original thought I had sinus problems and was referred to an ENT consultant, at this stage I didn’t feel there was a connection with the dry eyes, he put me on nose sprays and even Amitriptyline tablets and I have also had the procedure Sub-Mucosal Diathermy but no improvement, has anyone else had this problems?? everyday I wash my eyes with boiled water, use a heat compress, I use manuka honey mixed with boiled water to help with burning sensation and I use hyloforte in the day and Lacri-lube eye ointment at night, Hope someone can help because I am so fed up and I am worried as well I cant give 100% at work, thank you for reading this
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