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Amniotic Membrane

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:00 pm
by PaulaJane
Hi Everyone, I posted a response some time ago regarding punctal cautery and have now had an amniotic membrane fitted.

My history is that I have an auto immune disease, one of the symptoms in me is manifested by chronic dry eye. I had my bottom ducts cauterized 10 years ago, use thera tears drops liberally as replacement tears and also wear silicone-hydrogel contact lenses. These contact lenses are worn for corneal protection only, not as a substitute for spectacles, they have the weakest power strength at -0.5%. There is no cure for the disease, it is a question of managing the symptoms in the best possible way and these get worse with time and age.

I have now had an amniotic membrane fitted. This is breakthrough/cutting edge technology. The idea is that the amniotic fluid dissolves into the eye and hopefully this will “kick start” your own cells to start rejuvenating and repairing corneal abrasion. Whilst doing research on the internet I came across some quite lurid, horrible photos of the procedure, which were very off putting. My own experience was that it was quick, painless, not at all intrusive and I had no problems. The membrane is fitted onto the eye and then a protective lens is put over the top of it. Initially the vision is cloudy, over a period of days the membrane dissolves and then the lens is removed by the practitioner. It is important to follow the strict hygiene routine and to regularly apply the antibiotic and steroid drops which are necessary to prevent infection. I had no problems, no pain, no discomfort and I did not have to take any anti-inflammatory or pain relief tablets.

I have literally only just had the procedure done, so have no idea at this stage as to the long term benefits. I will have to wait several weeks before re-visiting my practitioner for further testing. The procedure itself though, in my case was painless and problem free.

Re: Amniotic Membrane

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:13 pm
by PaulaJane
Hi Again
I thought I would post an update regarding my amniotic membrane procedure.

I have now had both eyes done. The left eye, which was my “better” eye has been fine, no complications and the results are quite staggering. When the fluorescein is put in my eye there has always been “staining” there is now none and it doesn’t even look like my eye. The lack of “staining” is good in that it shows there are no longer corneal abrasions/ulcerations which are not only painful, but cause damage to the eye.

My right eye was by far my “worst” eye and on bad days the fluorescein staining was like craters on the moon, on a good day it was like a speckled bird’s egg. As explained, I wear hydrogel silicone contact lenses for corneal protection only, not as a substitute for spectacles. After the procedure I had a problem with the type of lens I was using which was “sitting” on the worst patch of my eye and causing extreme discomfort. My practitioner changed the make of lens I was using, to a bigger one that sat differently on the eye and the pain relief was instant, with no further problems. It is now three months since I have had the membrane fitted in this eye and the results are not as good as the left. However, it is still much improved compared to before the procedure. There is some “staining” but not to the extent it was. It is possible that I might have to consider a further membrane implant for this eye and if this is deemed necessary by my practitioner I would not hesitate to have it done.

I would however urge anyone contemplating any procedure on their eyes to ensure that their practitioner is fully proficient and qualified before it is undertaken.

Re: Amniotic Membrane

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 7:56 am
by wagsblue
Hi there.

Has the membrane continued to help?

Can I ask who your consultant was?

Thanks in advance.